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Eyebrow Shape

Are you in need of an eyebrow wax in Hobart? The perfect set of natural brows make a statement and infuse your expression with vitality and fresh energy. When brows are shaped with complete care and precision, they heighten your natural beauty.

At Skindulgence, we’re specialists in brow restoration and can turn your everyday brow wax into a thing of the past.

Eyebrow Wax | 15 minutes | $20

Create and maintain your perfect brow shape without the addition of any henna or tint. Brows will be beautifully and expertly waxed to suit your face and finished off with a light make-up application if desired.


Eyebrow Tweeze | 15 minutes | $20

For anyone on Roaccutane or who suffers from sensitivity to waxing. Your brows will be gently defined using precision tweezing and finished with an optional make-up application


Bro Brows | 15 minutes | $20

For the men who care about their brows! We’ll wax the area between the brows and hairs too close to the eye will be removed. We’ll finish with a brow trim for a fresh, clean and masculine look.

Marble Surface
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